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Cliffhanger is an interactive entertainment company specialized in free-to-play games for a new generation of gamers. We're talking gamers who crave fun and excitement, and won't settle for anything less than the very best. Our titles combine accessibility with traditional games' depth and challenge. We love graphics. we're big on immersion. We thrive on story. We strive for deep and satisfying gameplay. But most of all, we care about what gamers want

...that are shaping online and mobile gaming's future

But that's not all; not even close. You see, our philosophy is that a real game experience should not only be fun, but accessible to everyone, everywhere, regardless of how much time or hardware you have. We don't cut corners and we don't stop at "good enough". That's what makes us one of the industry's best. That's what makes us Cliffhanger.

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SRO and ÆRENA at PAX east 2014

Shadowrun Online will be present at the PAX East in Boston, US and at the Insomia in Coventry, UK!


When will they show us some actual game?

The above question has been asked – in increasingly less patient ways - for a while now. We completely understand how unsatisfying the lack of concrete gameplay and visuals must be. We thank the many of you who have remained patient and positive and active in the forum. And we can only apologize for keeping you all waiting for so long. So here is some news and (almost) an actual game screen.