AErena - Clash of Champions

Release Date: 7 May, 2014   |   Facebook   |   Twitter  

Platforms: Steam (PC/Mac) | Apple App Store | Google Play Store  
Free to Play / Fair to Play: In App purchases: Champions, Ships, Skins, Shells - All Balanced, Gameplay relevant items also available with in-game currency.


Release Date: 10 February, 2015

Platforms: Steam (PC/Mac)
Regular Price: USD 13.99

AERENA - Masters Edition has been streamlined to adapt to the suggestions of many Aerena players, who are willing to pay for a good game upfront and don´t want to be bothered with free to play mechanics: limited daily in-game currency income, very long grind to afford all Champions, Shells & Ships.
Match relevant items (Ships, Shells and Champions) are earned in-game by playing missions.
All Skins can be unlocked with the additional DLC: Skin Pack (USD 9.99)
AERENA: Masters Edition will be the only remaining version in the Steam store  but F2P version players will keep the game in the library and receive all future updates. Both versions share the same servers and player base.

Download Masters Edition Screenshots & PR Assets zip archive


ÆRENA is a tactical, turn-based combat game with an unique Ætherpunk setting.
Command formidable Champions, employ powerful Æther Shells and challenge your brain - not your fingers - in strategic, fast paced combat.
It's like speed chess meets DotA in an Ætherpunk world!


  •  Turn-based One on One PvP matches
  •  Teams of 3 Champions and a Ship face each other on small grid-based arenas with the goal of destroying the opponent’s Ship
  •  Match times around 10 minutes allow for a quick match in between
  •  Tactics and strategy in the  mind tantalizing battles require chess-like thinking ahead
  •  PC, Mac, iOS and Android Players face each other as equals on the same server
  •  Matches never get decided early due to game-changing Æther Shells
  •  Large variety of possible strategies from combinations of 12 Champions, 40Æther Shells, 5 Ships and 7 different board  layouts  
  •  Regular updates add new champions, ships and arenas
  • Competitive 6 weeks lasting league seasons that end in tournaments and prizes for the top players
  •  Alternative History setting, featuring an institutionalized fight for the powerful resource Æther in “The Games” where Factions struggle for dominance in the year 1955, after 30 years of the worldwide Nations ending Æther War



Gameplay Trailer:

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AERENA: Masters Edition announced!

In order to better reach the F2P skeptical players who are otherwise very interested in the game, we decided this is a good next step for the game.
We received feedback suggesting such a version countless times in the forums, reviews and on conventions:
No micro transactions, no premium currency and a sped up progression without the limitations of the f2p mechanics.
All match relevant content of the game will be quickly unlocked by playing. All Skins for Champions and Ships are available with the Skin Pack DLC.

In addition to the changes, there will be a new game mode: SURVIVAL
Fight Moby Dick, the white whale that heals itself at the beginning of each turn! Against this seemingly invincible opponent, the goal is to survive as many turns as possible to reach the high-score in the leader-boards. This mode is also the perfect practice for defensive play styles!

New arena! The community created Children of God arena 'Altar of Faith' gets implemented. MuminSlayer, the winner of the map creation contest, gets prominently featured on it with his nickname on the side of the platform for all players to see during the intro camera.


Albert Einstein Update!

Tali Update

HAMMER of the INCquisition Update

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Aerena may be the turned based game I’ve been looking for
— Nathan Carter
It is one of the more innovative tactical games I have played in some time
— Lucas Fox
The fast paced, bite-sized battles of Aerena are perfect for a quick hit of turn-based tactical warfare.
— Calum Fraser
Ærena: Clash of Champions sets itself to be different from the monotony of other games within its genre 4.5/5
— Glenn Rodgers
A fun, in-depth, well designed and well executed game that only costs the price of the electricity to turn it on? Color me sold
— Lucious Barnes
As far as free-to-play games go, Aerena’spayment model is as fair as they get. 4/5
— Tom Christiansen
At it’s heart Ærena is an attempt to remake chess for the digital age. 4/5
— Michael Chauvet


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