Ærena - Clash of Champions


Welcome to ÆRENA – Clash of Champions!

ÆRENA is a challenging, hero-centric combat game teeming with innovative features, revolutionary mechanics and jaw-dropping graphics. ÆRENA is an ever-changing battlefield, one that demands superlative strategy and tactics. It’s the ultimate cross-platform, multiplayer battle arena game!

In ÆRENA, a variety of Champions, Ships and Æther Shells are always available, allowing you to create and enhance your favourite team and lead it to victory in demanding tactical combat.

 -   Battle anytime, anywhere with true cross-platform gameplay!
 -   Use tactics and strategy in challenging battles and lead your personal team of Champions to victory!
 -   Compete live against your friends and other players, or perfect your combat skills in solo training!
 -   Pilot your ship from arena to arena and leverage its special abilities to support your team!
 -   Turn the tide of battle with game-changing Æther Effects!
 -   Build a winning strategy from 40+ Champions, Æther Shells and ships!
 -   Once you’re battle-tested, enter the “League of Champions” and compete against the world’s best players for the ultimate prize!

With awesome PvP battles and formidable AI combat, ÆRENA – Clash of Champions redefines the “strategy game” genre. 



The Setting

ÆRENA is set in 1955, on an alternate Earth whose evolution differs
greatly from our own. With the discovery of Æther in 1899, this world
was propelled into a new age of limitless progress, fueled by the
incredible power contained within the tiniest of Æther drops. In what
became known as “The Æther Wars”, Earth’s nations built immense
flying fortresses and deadly warships, battling each other for control
of Æther extractors in the sky. Æther’s limitless possibilities caused
rapid advancements in science and technology, but humanity’s lust
for it triggered an environmental meltdown. Global warming ensued,
the oceans rose, and cataclysmic floods ravaged much of the
already scarred and burnt landmass. 


In 1947, with Earth on the brink of oblivion, the United Nations was
founded to save mankind from itself. Control of the Æther
extractors passed to the UN, which was tasked with determining ownership. Ingenuously, the UN invented “The Games”, whereby the Earth’s greatest Champions battled in arenas placed atop the very Æther extractors they sought to control. To the victors went the spoils, but the thrill of conquest was fleeting; in 12 months’ time, The Games would commence again.

Now, enter the Ærena and become the Master of Æther!

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