Shadowrun Online renamed to Shadowrun Chronicles, release date fixed

Shadowrun Online renamed to Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown, Launch Date announced

After recently announcing their partnership, Nordic Games and Cliffhanger Productions have now fixed an April 28th 2015 launch date for their tactical turn-based RPG Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown.

The new name has been in the making for some time and was decided on together with the Shadowrun community and Kickstarter Backers.

Jan Wagner, Managing Director of Cliffhanger, explains: “Shadowrun Online has always been a title that invited a wide range of expectations – some gamers thought it meant we are doing a full-blown MMORPG with a persistent open world, others believed it meant we are doing a free to play browser title. The core vision of the game has always focused on experiencing the world of Shadowrun together with your friends and meeting other players, swapping stories and exchanging strategies as well as a creating a space for actual role-playing with others. This to us is the core experience of Pen and paper roleplaying – a shared imagination and story experience. But a lot of people thought that the title meant they had to play it in multiplayer and didn’t even check it out. The new title also expresses our goal to continue to tell stories and release new content evolving from the collective actions of our players. They will shape the way the future plot of Shadowrun develops, literally making history in the Shadowrun Universe.”
The game offers a campaign, which can be plaid solo or with up to 4 players in co-op as well as a live multiplayer hub and opportunities for PvP matches. Players can also take their offline friend’s characters with them on missions.

Gennaro Giani, Producer & Localization Manager, Nordic Games adds: “Especially for the boxed version, gamers need to be sure they can play the game alone at their convenience and not be forced into some online pattern or depend on any server activity for that matter. The new title also implies that Shadowrun Chronicles is here to stay.”

The April 28th launch date for Shadowrun Chronicles will see the game being released in English, French and German, as well as in retail stores and on various digital platforms.




Cliffhanger Productions teams up with Nordic Games to distribute Shadowrun Online

Co-op, tactical turn-based team combat in the Shadowrun universe coming to PC/MAC(Steam)/Linux(Steam) in Q2 2015

Nordic Games has announced its collaboration with Cliffhanger Productions to release the upcoming Shadowrun Online team tactical RPG. Shadowrun Online will step out of the shadows in Q2 2015 for PC, MAC and Linux.

“We are excited to cooperate with Cliffhanger Productions on multiple levels: some of us spent copious amounts of hours in the Shadowrun universe (armed with pen and paper), plus visiting Cliffhanger’s studio takes 15 minutes with public transportation to check out the latest internal build, so we can collaborate closely.”, commented Reinhard Pollice Business & Product Development Director, Nordic Games. “The former was reason enough to tackle this game together with Cliffhanger. We are currently looking at a Q2 release, but we will provide more information in the next weeks.”

“It just clicked between Nordic and us – we know and trust them to give Shadowrun the attention it deserves and we are looking forward to finalise Shadowrun Online and deliver a strategically demanding, turn-based co-op combat experience”, said Jan Wagner, co-founder of Cliffhanger Productions. “With Shadowrun Online, we put the emphasis on experiencing cataclysmic events in 2076, shaking Boston and the whole of North America, focusing the gameplay on tactical combat, truly individual characters and the team aspects of the role-playing experience. You can play the game as a full single player game, leading your team of runners into dangerous missions or you can join up with your friends or other players you meet in the game to face the dangers ahead.”




Shadowrun MMO & TableTop At Gen Con

Crossing the digital divide: Catalyst Game Labs and Cliffhanger Productions Join Forces at Gen Con

Every good shadowrunner knows that you have to work in the virtual world and the so-called real world if you want to get things done. At Gen Con this year, we’re bringing that philosophy to the exhibition floor. Gamers will get a chance to see how the tabletop version of the Shadowrun role-playing game from Catalyst Game Labs is interacting with the upcoming Shadowrun Online MMO game being put together by Cliffhanger Productions.

The interaction between the tabletop game and the MMO game will set a new standard for cross-platform integration. Catalyst is producing an upcoming plotbook called Lockdown that will deal with some of the crucial elements and settings of the MMO game, and players of the MMO game will have the chance to influence events in the ever-evolving tabletop realm.

“We are incredibly excited to work with the creative minds at Catalyst and getting our own corner of the Shadowrun world to play havoc with. Our players being able to influence the whole storyline of the entire Shadowrun universe is a great opportunity to create new levels of interaction between the online game and the tabletop game,” says Tom Weilguny, lead designer of Shadowrun Online.

Jason Hardy, Shadowrun Line Developer for Catalyst Game Labs, adds: “Cliffhanger’s creativity and passion for Shadowrun has been inspiring. I can’t wait to mix it up with all sorts of Shadowrun players in the MMO game, and to see the awesome ways we can advance the MMO and tabletop game together!”

Cliffhanger Productions will be sharing booth space with Catalyst at Gen Con, and attendees will have the chance to check out a brand-new alpha version of the game, or even get some hands-on time with the game. Fans will also have the chance to buy an early access version of the MMO for a whopping 50% off retail price during the show! Catalyst will be there with a full line of Shadowrun products, including the new Street Grimoire magic sourcebook, the Shadowrun: Crossfire deck-building game, and much more, as well as the return of the Shadowrun Experience interactive demo with an all-new adventure!

Drop by booth 417 for your full dose of Shadowrun awesomeness!



GamesCom 2014

AErena takes the ESL stage by AEtherstorm

Cliffhanger Productions Games’ Speed-Chess-meets-MOBA cross platform game Ærena will take the ESL Twitch TV stage in Hall 9.1 for a global premiere. Showcasing the brand new Ærena 2.0 version with the first ever live match between previous season’s Æthermaster and one of the designers of the game, Ærena moves up the ladder of competitive gaming to live stream the event on Twitch TV. Breaking the boundaries of platforms to present core games on mobile and tablet as well as PC, the deeply tactical turn-based hero combat of Ærena pitches players in heated one on one battles where you fight with your fingers, but win with your brain.

Jan Wagner, Managing Director of Cliffhanger Productions comments: “Opening up the mobile world to serious eSports and doing away with the artificial borders imposed by platforms, we are proud to become part of the ESL line-up with Ærena. To us it doesn’t matter if you are a mobile gamer or a PC gamer, as long as you are a real gamer. We challenge players who love strategy and tactics to join us on or off stage for a true test of their tactical skills! We call out to any player willing to enter a match against us live on stage- we will meet you at gamescom!”

Sean Charles, VP of Marketing and Publisher Relations: With eSports’ growth and mobile growth it makes perfect sense to support AErena’s awesome crossplatform, which lets you play in organized competitive matches where and how you like.”

Ærena will be streamed live from the ESL gamescom Twitch stage in Hall 9.1 at 11 am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and is available on Steam, Google Play and the iOS App Store for free.