Crossing the digital divide: Catalyst Game Labs and Cliffhanger Productions Join Forces at Gen Con

Every good shadowrunner knows that you have to work in the virtual world and the so-called real world if you want to get things done. At Gen Con this year, we’re bringing that philosophy to the exhibition floor. Gamers will get a chance to see how the tabletop version of the Shadowrun role-playing game from Catalyst Game Labs is interacting with the upcoming Shadowrun Online MMO game being put together by Cliffhanger Productions.

The interaction between the tabletop game and the MMO game will set a new standard for cross-platform integration. Catalyst is producing an upcoming plotbook called Lockdown that will deal with some of the crucial elements and settings of the MMO game, and players of the MMO game will have the chance to influence events in the ever-evolving tabletop realm.

“We are incredibly excited to work with the creative minds at Catalyst and getting our own corner of the Shadowrun world to play havoc with. Our players being able to influence the whole storyline of the entire Shadowrun universe is a great opportunity to create new levels of interaction between the online game and the tabletop game,” says Tom Weilguny, lead designer of Shadowrun Online.

Jason Hardy, Shadowrun Line Developer for Catalyst Game Labs, adds: “Cliffhanger’s creativity and passion for Shadowrun has been inspiring. I can’t wait to mix it up with all sorts of Shadowrun players in the MMO game, and to see the awesome ways we can advance the MMO and tabletop game together!”

Cliffhanger Productions will be sharing booth space with Catalyst at Gen Con, and attendees will have the chance to check out a brand-new alpha version of the game, or even get some hands-on time with the game. Fans will also have the chance to buy an early access version of the MMO for a whopping 50% off retail price during the show! Catalyst will be there with a full line of Shadowrun products, including the new Street Grimoire magic sourcebook, the Shadowrun: Crossfire deck-building game, and much more, as well as the return of the Shadowrun Experience interactive demo with an all-new adventure!

Drop by booth 417 for your full dose of Shadowrun awesomeness!