Founded in 2010 and backed by several private investors as well as government grants for technical innovation and creative content, Cliffhanger Productions Games is breaking the boundaries of platforms in the name of gaming.

Powered by our Massive Dynamic Architecture, Cliffhanger delivers console-quality graphics, massive multiplayer social gaming experiences and deep gameplay for tablets, phones and PCs alike.

We believe that the age of universal gaming has just begun and that no single screen will contain gamers. We want to help build a future, where your game can be accessed on any device, anywhere, any time.

Cliffhanger’s games are catering to players who crave a real gaming experience and are built to last not mere weeks, but months and years. Combining innovative gameplay concepts with established genres and brands, Cliffhanger games are known for their quality and combination of accessibility and depth.

Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, the Cliffhanger team includes creative minds and technical masters from Rovio, Blizzard Entertainment, Rockstar Games, Ubisoft, Crytek and Piranha. Its management brings four decades of games industry experience to the table and has filled senior positions at publishers and development studios alike.


The company’s first game, Ærena, was released in selected countries on Android, iOS and PC/Mac and has received praise from PC and Mobile players and press, with an average score of 8.9/10, attaining various Top 10 positions on the App Store and being consistently featured as Best Game since its release in Early 2014. Listed as one of the Best Strategy Games 2014 by PC Gamer, Ærena is a turn-based Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game that combines challenging tactical gameplay with short session times. One of the few western games to be launched prominently in South Korea by South Korean Telekom and in South East Asia, Ærena continues to fascinate players around the globe, with further releases scheduled for Browsers globally and Set-Top Boxes in China and other countries. Try the game at www.aerena.net

I can't remember when I was hooked on a game like this the last time...” Khiljas Khan on metacritic.com

Shadowrun Chronicles

Cliffhanger’s next title, Shadowrun Chronicles, has been one of the most successful European kickstarters of all time and will finally make on of the top role-playing game brands into a true cross-platform tactial turn-based co-op game. Breaking yet another boundary, players of the game will actually be able to influence the future of the world of Shadowrun including the books and tabletop game by their collective actions. Available on Steam as an Early Access version already, Shadowrun Chronicles is slated for release in late 2014.

“If Cliffhanger Productions keeps moving in the same direction with the game, we have an awesome Shadowrun MMORPG on our hands very soon.” MMORPG.COM

Press quotes


Aerena is perfect for those who love strategy games!
One of the Top Strategy Games 2014
… one of the best available strategy games out there.
— Hypist
Aerena delivers great strategic gameplay that is easy to learn and hard to put down!
…stands out within the genre. Definitely worth checking out
— ONRPG, 4.5/5
...could easily turn the MOBA scene on its head!
— GAMEZONE, 9/10
If you’re a fan of tactical gaming, this is your new best friend!
Exciting, dynamic and fun
— TECH TUDO, 10/10
(one of) the 5 best tactical sci-fi games we’ve found.
— APPZOOM, 8.8/10